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‘Reforming the UN Means Restructuring of the Security Council’. Do You Agree with this Statement? Give Arguments for Or Against this Position. - Political Science

Short Note

‘Reforming the UN means restructuring of the Security Council’. Do you agree with this statement? Give arguments for or against this position.

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Yes, we agree with the statement because Security Council plays a crucial role in functioning of the UN. In today’s scenario power equations have been changed with the disintegration of USSR and many new countries are entering into the UN:

  1. The UN charter has given a privileged position to permanent members to bring stability all over the world. This position remains the same and no one is allowed to enter.
  2. Except permanent members enjoy veto power to be placed in a valuable position.
  3. Permanent members category is from industrialised developed country which should be balanced by enhancing representation from developing countries to become either permanent or non-permanent members.
  4. Hence, Security Council should reform and improve its working to make the UN more effective i.e., inclusion of member states should be judged on the basis of contribution to peace keeping initiatives.
Concept: Reform of Structures and Processes
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Contemporary World Politics
Chapter 6 International Organisations
Exercise | Q 12 | Page 98
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