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Reduction of Metal Oxide to Metal Becomes Easier If the Metal Obtained is in Liquid State. Why? - Chemistry


Reduction of metal oxide to metal becomes easier if the metal obtained is in liquid state. Why?



Entropy of a metal in the liquid state is higher than that of the same metal in the solid state (Sliquid > Ssolid). So, when the metal formed is in the liquid state and the metal oxide being reduced is in the solid state, the value of entropy change (ΔS) for the reduction reaction is more on the positive side. When the value of TΔS increases and that of ΔH remains the same, the value of ΔGr° for the reduction reaction becomes negative and thus reduction becomes easier.

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2014-2015 (March) Panchkula Set 1


What is calcination?

Explain calcination with reactions.

Define Hydrometallurgy?

What is the process in which concentrated ore is reduced to the corresponding metal by heating at high temperature with a reducing agent?

(a) Polling                      

(b) Pyrometallurgy

(c) Hydrometallurgy

(d) Calcination

Which solution is used for the leaching of silver metal in the presence of air in the metallurgy of silver?

What is the role of zinc metal in the extraction of silver ?

Name the processes from which chlorine is obtained as a by-product. What will happen if an aqueous solution of NaCl is subjected to electrolysis?

MnO2 and Ca3(PO4)2 present in iron ore get reduced to Mn and P in the zone of _______.

(A) combustion

(B) reduction

(C) fusion

(D) slag formation

Which one of the following oxidation state of Manganese is unstable?

(a) + 2

(b) + 4

(c) + 5

(d) + 7

Complete the given chemical equations 

`F_2 + 2Cl^(-)`

What happens when HCl is added to MnO2? Write the equations involved

What is the action of carbon on the following metal oxides:

Fe2O3 in the blast furnace

What is the action of carbon on the following metal oxides :

ZnO in the vertical retort furnace

An element X (molar mass = 60 g mol−1) has a density of 6.23 g cm−3. Identify the type of cubic unit cell, if the edge length of the unit cell is 4 ✕ 10−8 cm.

Account for the following :

Reducing character decreases from SO2 to TeO2.

Which metal is also found in sea beds?

In the extraction of chlorine by electrolysis of brine ______.

Which of the following reactions is an example of autoreduction?

Brine is electrolysed by using inert electrodes. The reaction at anode is ______.

Why are sulphide ores converted to oxide before reduction?

Which of the following reactions is an example of auto reduction?


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