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Red Queens and Black Jacks Are Removed from a Pack of 52 Playing Cards. a Card is Drawn at Random from the Remaining Cards, After Reshuffling Them. Find the Probability that - Mathematics


Red queens and black jacks are removed from a pack of 52 playing cards. A card is drawn at random from the remaining cards, after reshuffling them. Find the probability that the card drawn is a king     

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In a pack of 52 playing cards, there are 2 red queens and 2 black jacks. 
Red queens and black jacks are removed from the pack. Then,
Number of remaining cards = 52 − 4 = 48
∴ Total number of outcomes = 48 

There are 4 king cards in the remaining pack of cards.
So, the favourable number of outcomes are 4.
∴ P(drawing a king) = \[\frac{\text{ Favourable number of outcomes }}{\text{ Total number of outcomes }} = \frac{4}{48} = \frac{1}{12}\]

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 16 Probability
Exercise 16.1 | Q 69.1 | Page 26
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