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Recently, the Supreme Court Allowed __ Euthanasia and Right to Give Advance Medical Directives, _ Stating that Human Beings Have the Right to Die with Dignity as Part of Fundamental Right to Life. - Legal Reasoning

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Recently, the Supreme Court allowed _______________ euthanasia and right to give advance medical directives, _____________ stating that human beings have the right to die with dignity as part of fundamental right to life.


  • active, dying will

  • passive, living will

  • active, living will

  • passive, dying will

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passive, living will


A five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief  Justice of India said passive euthanasia and advance living will are "permissible". The other judges also laid down guidelines for the execution of the will and how the nod for passive euthanasia would be granted by the medical board. The court said that advance directives for terminally-ill patients could be issued and executed by the next friend and relatives of such person after which a medical board would consider it.

Concept: Legal Fundamentals and Terms (Entrance Exams)
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