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Recently a Serious Quarrel Took Place in a Colony in Delhi Due to the Use of Loudspeakers at a Public Place and Caused Disharmony Among the People. - English - Language and Literature

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Recently a serious quarrel took place in a colony in Delhi due to the use of loudspeakers at a public place and caused disharmony among the people. Write a letter in 100 − 120 words to the Editor of The Hindustan Times expressing your concern over the unpleasant incident, highlighting the fact that the loudspeakers cause noise pollution and discord, suggesting that the unauthorised use of loudspeakers at public places should be banned. You are Anjana/Arjun, F-112 Kailash Colony, Delhi.

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F-112 Kailash Colony,


19 March, 2015

The Editor,

The Hindustan Times



Subject: Unauthorised use of loud speakers

I am a resident of Kailash Colony and an unwanted incident happened last evening. Due to the unpleasant noise of a blaring loudspeaker, a resident of our colony got irritated and fought with the people using them. This caused a lot of unpleasant disharmony. But this is not the case of one colony; the increasing use of unauthorised loudspeakers is causing a lot of discomfort for everyone. Old people and infants find it hard to catch up with their much needed sleep. The cacophony of these loudspeakers has lead many towards hearing loss. The noise pollution they cause, affects students as well, who are continuously troubled and are not able to concentrate on studies.
Though the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to urge the authorities to look into the matter and ban the unauthorised use of loudspeakers, as it is unpleasant for everyone.

Yours sincerely,


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