Rearrange the Given Six Sentences K, L, M, N, O, and P in the Proper Sequence So as to Form a Meaningful Paragraph Which Sentence Should Come First in the Paragraph? - English Language


Rearrange the given six sentences K, L, M, N, O, and P in the proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the question that follows.
(K) The subjugation or enslavement of the people and countries is fast becoming a thing of the past.
(L) Since then the progress in science and technology and in other branches of knowledge has resulted in the betterment of the conditions of life in many countries. 
(M) The Industrial Revolution in England about the middle of the eighteenth century was history's great leap forward. 
(N) All this is on the credit of modern civilisation. 
(O) Society has been progressing and improving for thousands of years. 
(P) The span of human life has been enlarged, the condition of the tabouring classes in many countries has improved, knowledge and education have made great strides, the treatment of children has become more humane, feats of engineering have done wonders, democracy and freedom have been granted to most countries of the world, and a very much larger percentage of people have become entitled to the good things of life.

Which sentence should come first in the paragraph?


  • O

  • M

  • P

  • K



'O' should be the first statement.
The sequential order of the given lines should be OMLPKN.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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