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Rearrange the Jumbled Words and Phrases into Meaningful Sentences. the First One Has Been Done as an Example. Example: In/The Cactus/Very Hot,/Grows/Dry Places the Cactus Grows in Very Hot, Dry Places. - English - Language and Literature

Rearrange the jumbled words and phrases into meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example.

Example: in/the cactus/very hot,/grows/dry places

The cactus grows in very hot, dry places.

(a) do not/leaves/have/they/but/spiny/needles

(b) flowers/and/bloom/some of them/cacti/at night/are big

(c) absorb/from fog/water/in the air/cacti can

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a) They do not have leaves but spiny needles.
b) Cacti flowers are big and some of them bloom at night.
c) Cacti can absorb water from fog in the air.
Concept: Grammar
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