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Rearrange Any Four of the Following Words/Phrases to Make Meaningful Sentences. A) Democracy / is Very / Important / of the Press / in a / Freedom - English - Language and Literature

Answer in Brief

Rearrange any four of the following words/phrases to make meaningful sentences.
a) democracy / is very / important / of the press / in a / freedom
b) abused / times / is / many / but / it
c) biased / sometimes / presents / is / opinion / media / a
d) to have / necessary / press / therefore / a responsible / it is
e) can be / society / a / only then / fearless / imagined

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a) Freedom of the press is very important in a democracy.

b) But it is abused many times.

c) Sometimes media presents a biased opinion.

d) Therefore it is necessary to have a responsible press.

e) Only then a fearless society can be imagined.

Concept: Grammar
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