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Rearrange Any Four of the Following Word Clusters to Make Meaningful Sentences : (A) Very Exciting / Can Be / New Country / Travelling to / a - English - Communicative


Answer in Brief

Rearrange any four of the following word clusters to make meaningful sentences :

(a) very exciting / can be / new country / travelling to / a 

(b) it / a lot of / before / actually requires / the visit / preparation 

(c) option / is / light / travelling / best / the 

(d) also need / we / the local weather / in mind / to / keep 

(e) always / enriched / we / return / experience / the / with 


(a) Traveling to a new country can be very exciting

(b) It actually requires a lot of preparation before the visit.

(c) The best option is light traveling. 

(d) We also need to keep in mind the local weather. 

(e) We always return with the enriched experience

Concept: Writing Skill
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