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It Was Her Determination that Helped Helen Keller Get Admission to Radcliffe College. Comment. - CBSE Class 10 - English - Communicative

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It was her determination that helped Helen Keller get admission to Radcliffe College. Comment.

Solution 1

Admission to Radcliffe College was not an easy affair, but Helen’s perseverance and determination paved her way to success. She refused to believe that she was not eligible to gain admission into the prestigious college. She faced many difficulties along the way, the first among them being not having all her books embossed to begin the classes in time; she did not have all the necessary apparatus as well. She needed special instructions for the classes which even her childhood teacher Miss Sullivan was not able to provide her with. These difficulties weighed down on her self-esteem, forcing her to feel dejected and helpless. But she did not give up; she took it all in her stride and worked with renewed enthusiasm. She believed in herself and worked harder to complete her studies.

Solution 2

The road to gain admission to Radcliffe College was fraught with insurmountable difficulties, but it was Helen's hope and determination to succeed at all costs that helped smoothen the road. She was confronted with unforeseen difficulties from not having many books embossed in time to begin the classes and lacking important apparatus for some of her studies to the problems regarding special instruction in the classroom. Even Miss Sullivan seemed to fall short in helping her with all the resources required for her preparation. As she says, every study had its obstacles and sometimes she would lose all courage and betray her feelings. But the difficulties began to disappear and she launched forth with renewed confidence. Although her work was painfully slow and she had to read the examples over and over again, she does not blame anyone for the obstacles that the examinations posed in her path. She had the consolation of knowing that she overcame all her difficulties with aplomb.

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Solution It Was Her Determination that Helped Helen Keller Get Admission to Radcliffe College. Comment. Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual).
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