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Helen'S Struggle Has Become a Source of Inspiration for All Less Fortunate. Comment. - CBSE Class 10 - English - Communicative

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Helen's struggle has become a source of inspiration for all less fortunate. Comment.


A serious illness during infancy had damaged Helen’s hearing and sight. She suffered a great deal of misery and frustration in trying to communicate with others till the age of six. She felt trapped and became impatient and impulsive. She used anger to vent out her frustration. Helen’s life completely changed when Anne Sullivan was appointed as her teacher. With her teacher’s help and her own determination, Helen not only learnt to read and write, but also acquired the skill of speaking. .

When Helen joined Radcliffe College in 1896 she had to face a different set of difficulties. Her preliminary examination went on for sixteen hours. At Radcliffe, nobody read her papers once they were written. She had no opportunities to correct her errors unless she finished her papers before time. Even if she did, she could only correct the mistakes that she recalled making in the last few minutes.

Despite all the difficulties, she graduated from Radcliffe at the age of twenty-four, becoming the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She travelled to many countries with Miss Sullivan and strongly advocated people with disabilities. She is a source of inspiration for all the less fortunate who struggle to overcome extreme hardships in life and want to evolve their miseries into motivation.

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Solution Helen'S Struggle Has Become a Source of Inspiration for All Less Fortunate. Comment. Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual).
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