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Readability is Crucial. Be Sure of the Font We Choose is Legible and Logical. with All of the Newest and Interesting Typefaces Available Today, It is Tempting to Pick One that You Think Looks “Cool”. - English Language

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In the following questions, a group of sentences about a single topic are given. One or more of the sentence(s) is/are grammatically incorrect. You have to identify the incorrect sentence(s).

  1. Readability is crucial.
  2. Be sure of the font we choose is legible and logical.
  3. With all of the newest and interesting typefaces available today, it is tempting to pick one that you think looks “cool”. 
  4. This can work if you are going for an edgy look that will appeal to a young audience, but your copy still needs to be easily understood.


  • I and IV

  • II only 

  • III only

  • II and III

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'II and III' is the correct option.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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