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Read and Understand the Following Ghost Phrases and Expressions: A) to Give up the Ghost-- to Die Or to Stop Trying B) Aghost of a Chance-- a Poor Chance, Not Likely to Happen - English Core

Answer in Brief
Fill in the Blanks

Read and understand the following ghost phrases and expressions:

a) To give up the ghost-- to die or to stop trying
b) Aghost of a chance-- a poor chance, not likely to happen
c) The ghost at the feast-- something or someone that spoils your enjoyment by
reminding you of something unpleasant
d) Ghost town-- a town which most people have left, abandoned and deserted
e) Ghost-write- to write for someone else

f) Lay the ghost of something/somebody (to rest)-- to finally stop being worried
or upset by something or someone that has worried or upset you for a long time
g) Ghost image -- secondary image, especially. one appearing on a television
screen as a white shadow, caused by poor or double reception or by a defect in the
h) the ghost of a smile - faint trace of a smile
i) As white as a ghost- very pale or white in the face

Now complete the following story by using the appropriate phrases in the blanks
given below:
I was alone in a place that bore a deserted look like that of a ________________. I increased
the pace of my footsteps as I walked through the dark forest. I felt someone walking behind
me. I turned immediately and spotted the contour of a figure in the form of a ___________________ .It smiled at me wickedly .I started shaking with fear and perspiring
profusely when I felt its skeletal hand upon my neck. I woke up with a start, relieved that it was only a nightmare. This was not the first time I had had one. It had all started when I had watched the horrendous horror film with a eerie ghost character that had a scary ghost of a smile on its face.It had been almost a month. The strange thing was that I saw a similar face at the station the next morning. That was uncanny. I was to attend a dinner at my friend's at Northanger Abbey that night. I had decided to narrate my experience to the group that would assemble there. Although I knew, there was _________________________ that they would be convinced. After everyone had finished pouring their drinks to themselves, I cleared my throat and started narrating my spooky experience. However, every one of the group started accusing me of being _______________________ and held me responsible for spoiling the spirit of revelry. I gave up the ghost and sat quietly waiting for the party to be over. Back at home, the fears returned .I knew I had to talk about my experience to somebody to feel better. I have now decided to ______________ and publish my experience under a pseudonym. Only then can I ____________________.

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(a) ghost town
(b) ghost image
(c) a ghost of a chance
(d) the ghost at the feast
(e) ghost-write
(f) lay the ghost of something

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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