Read the Three Extracts in the Chapter from the Lok Sabha Debate on the Indo-us Deal. Develop Any One of These into a Full Speech Defending a Certain Position on Indo-us Relations. - Political Science

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Read the three extracts in the chapter from the Lok Sabha debate on the Indo-US deal. Develop any one of these into a full speech defending a certain position on Indo-US relations.



The following speech has been developed based on the excerpts from Lok Sabha debate as presented by Major General (Retired) B.C. Khanduri of BJP:

Sir, I would respectfully draw the attention of august house towards the US hegemony in today’s scenario. But we should not ignore the fact that India might be next waiting in the wings to perform as a superpower to maintain its own identity. Moreover, hegemony can not stand forever due to its weaknesses. Therefore, we are supposed to have a good and harmonious relations with that of the US for mutual promotion of trade and technology. But India should not compromise from the same on the cost of its own security and identity.

Hence, India should work in a diplomatic manner while it thinks to go hand-in-hand the US in such a manner that India could extract best benefits from the US hegemony and find out mutual options for itself.


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Chapter 3: US Hegemony in World Politics - Exercises [Page 50]


NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Contemporary World Politics
Chapter 3 US Hegemony in World Politics
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