Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Read the story and write about the following in short. Bushi Kiyo - English

Short Note

Read the story and write about the following in short.

Bushi Kiyo

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Bushi Kiyo was tall and slim; he stood firmly on his feet and seemed unshakeable. He had dark, piercing eyes, which looked straight at the opponent. He was fearless and straightforward. He was such an expert in Karate that he was recruited by the King to be his personal guard. Bushi did not want a delicate, fragile girl as his wife; he wanted a tall and strong girl like Yonamine. He decided to fight with Yonamine and win over her, which he did. He married Yonamine, and it was a happy marriage. However, he sometimes wondered if she was really very strong and he was worried when she wanted to travel at night. He thought that she must be taught a lesson for her own good. He pretended to be a bandit and attacked her, but Yonamine defeated him. The next day, explaining what had happened, he sportingly told Yonamine that he had learned a lesson from the incident. The lesson was not to underestimate anybody, especially not a woman.

Concept: Reading Skill (6th Standard)
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Balbharati English 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.7 Yonamine and Bushi
Exercise | Q 1. (c) | Page 48
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