Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 7th Standard
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Read the paragraph and answer the following questions. - General Science

Answer in Brief

Read the paragraph and answer the following questions.

I am a penguin. I live in polar region covered by snow. My abdomen is white. My skin is thick with a layer of fat underneath. My body is spindle-shaped. My wings are small. My toes are webbed. We live in flocks.

  1. Why is my skin white and thick and why is there a thick layer of fat underneath?
  2. Why do we live in flocks sticking close to each other?
  3. Which geographical region do I inhabit? Why?
  4. Which adaptations should you have to enable you to live permanently in the polar region? Why?
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  1. Having black and white skin is a type of adaptation known as camouflaging. It is called counter-shading and makes it harder for both the predators and the prey to see penguins from all sorts of angles. The white chest of penguin protects them in the water by camouflaging them from being seen from below against the lighter sky coming through the waters surface. Their black backs help them blend in with the darker, deeper ocean waters below them, thus protecting them from their predators. They have thick layer of fat because it keeps them warm under such extreme cold conditions.
  2. We know that penguins live in the coldest regions of earth and in order to find warmth and solace they remain in flocks with each other. In order to escape the extreme cold conditions, they nestle together to keep each other warm.
  3. Penguins are found in regions of Antarctica, South America, Africa and Australia. Many species can also be found in New Zealand and the sub-Antarctic islands.
  4. The following adaptations are required to survive in polar regions:
    black and white skin with a thick layer of fat beneath it
    skin should be covered with feathers
    small body with small wings
    presence of strong muscles in chest and wings
Concept: Adaptation in Animals
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Balbharati General Science 7th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 The Living World: Adaptations and Classification
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 9
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