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Read the Given Passages and Answer the Question with the Help of the Information Provided in the Passage. Teaching, More Even than Most Other Professions, Has Been Transformed During - English Language

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Read the given passages and answer the question with the help of the information provided in the passage.

Teaching, more even than most other professions, has been transformed during the last hundred years from a small, highly skilled profession concerned with a minority of the population, to a large and important branch of public service. The profession has a great and honourable tradition, extending from the dawn of history until recent times, but any teacher in the modern world who allows himself to be inspired by the ideals of his predecessors is likely to be made sharply aware that it is not his function to teach what he thinks, but to instill such beliefs and prejudices as are thought useful by his employers. 

The author seems to be in favour of


  • curriculum-based learning

  • open-minded practical learning

  • activity-based learning

  • learning from ancient scriptures and stories from the past

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open-minded practical learning

Concept: Comprehension Passages (Entrance Exams)
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