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Read the Given Passages and Answer the Question with the Help of the Information Provided in the Passage. One of South America'S Mysteries is Easter Island. Easter Island, Also Called Rapa - English Language

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Read the given passages and answer the question with the help of the information provided in the passage.

One of South America's mysteries is Easter Island. Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui and Isla de Pascua, 3600 Ion (2,237mi) west of Chile, is a volcanic island with an interesting and partly unknown history. The island was named by the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen because he encountered it on Easter Sunday 1722. He was the first European to find the island. The official name of the island, Isla de Pascua, means Easter Island in Spanish. This island is famous because of the approximately 887 huge statues which were found there. The statues consist of heads and complete torsos, the largest of which weight 84 tons! These monuments, called moai, were carved out of compressed volcanic ash, called tuff, which was found at a quarry ar a place called Rano Raraku. Statues are still being found. Some of the monuments were left only half-carved. Nobody knows why Rano Raraku was abandoned. It is thought that the statues were carved by the ancestors of the modern Polynesian inhabitants. But, the purpose of the statues and the reason they have abandoned remain mysteries. 

Who was Jacob Roggeveen?


  • A European who found the island

  • An explorer who named the island

  • A person who caNed several statues

  • Both (a) and (b) are correct

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Both (a) and (b) are correct

Concept: Comprehension Passages (Entrance Exams)
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