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Read the Given Passages and Answer the Question with the Help of the Information Provided in the Passage. King Solomon Was Celebrated for His Wisdom. the Queen of the Sheba Once Paid - English Language

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Read the given passages and answer the question with the help of the information provided in the passage.

King Solomon was celebrated for his wisdom. The Queen of the Sheba once paid a visit to his court. She was very much impressed by his wealth and grandeur. She had also heard of his uncanny ability to solve the most difficult puzzles which she meant to test. She showed Solomon two garlands of flowers, one in the right-hand and the other in the left and asked which one was real. The courtiers were puzzled. Both the garlands looked the same. Solomon could not say a word. The Queen felt triumphant. Solomon soon ordered that the windows be opened. A number of bees flew into the hall from the garden and settled on the garland in the right-hand. "The flowers in the right-hand are real", said Solomon. The Queen was greatly impressed with his wisdom. 

In tp.e end, the Queen's apprehensions were


  • justified

  • confirmed

  • proved

  • falsified

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Concept: Comprehension Passages (Entrance Exams)
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