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Read the Following Information for a Question and Chose the Most Appropriate Option: P and Q Are Good at Driving the Motorcycle and Jeep. R and P Are Good in Driving Jeep and Lorry. - Logical Reasoning



Read the following information for a question and chose the most appropriate option: 

P and Q are good at driving the Motorcycle and Jeep. R and P are good in driving Jeep and Lorry. R, S, and T are good at driving Motor Cycle and Lorry. T and R are good at driving buses and Tempo. S and Q are good at driving Bus and Jeep. 

Who is good at driving the motor Cycle, Jeep and Lorry but not a bus? 


  • R

  • S

  • P

  • T



Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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