Read the Following Information Carefully and Answer the Question. a Word Arrangement Machine, When Given an Input Line of Words, Rearranges Them Following a Particular Rule in Each Step. - Logical Reasoning


Read the following information carefully and answer the question. A word arrangement machine, when given an input line of words, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is the illustration of the input and the steps of arrangement.

Input -Diksha cannot but feel happy for him

Step I: but cannot Diksha happy feel him for

Step II: cannot but feel happy Diksha for him

Step III: but cannot happy feel him for Diksha

Step IV: happy cannot but him feel Diksha for and so on for subsequent steps.
You have to find out the logic and answer the questions given below.

If Step V read "weeks of tepid slothful and weak ideas", then what would be Step IV read?


  • ideas and tepid weeks of weak slothful

  • of weeks and slothful tepid ideas weak

  • ideas weeks and tepid of weak slothful

  • none of these



of weeks and slothful tepid ideas weak


The pattern of the input is as shown below.

Given output- Diksha cannot ⇌ but feel ⇌ happy for ⇌ him.

Step I - but ⇌ cannot Diksha happy ⇌ feel him ⇌ for.

Step II - cannot ⇌ but feel ⇌ happy Diksha for ⇌ him

Step III - but cannot ⇌ happy feel ⇌ him ⇌ for Diksha.

Step IV - happy ⇌ cannot but ⇌ him feel ⇌ Diksha for.

Step V - cannot ⇌ happy feel ⇌ him but for ⇌ Diksha.

Step VI- happy cannot ⇌ him feel ⇌ Diksha for ⇌ but.

Step VII -  him ⇌ cannot happy Diksha ⇌ feel but ⇌ for and soon.

According to the pattern of given input, the step IV would be:

Step IV: of ⇌ weeks and slothful ⇌ tepid ideas ⇌ week.

Step V: week of tipid slothful ⇌ and week ideas

Concept: Input-output (Entrance Exam))
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