Read the Following Extract and Convert It into a Dialogue (In About 8 To10 Sentences)· - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and convert it into a dialogue (in about 8 to10 sentences):

[You may begin with: The first boy: ''Oh look! Here's a fine piece of..........."]

"Here is a fine piece of turf for the lark," said one of the boys, and began to cut out a square round the daisy, so that it remained in the centre of the grass.

"Pluck the flower off," said the other boy and the daisy trembled for fear, for to be pulled off meant death to it; and it wished so much to live, as it was to go with the square of turf into the poor captive lark's cage.

"No let it stay," said the other boy. "it looks so pretty."

And so it stayed and was brought into the lark's cage. The poor bird was lamenting its lost liberty, and beating its wings against the wires; and the little daisy could not speak or utter a consoling word. much as it would have liked to do so. So the forenoon passed.

"I have no water", said the captive lark," they have all gone out and forgotten to give me anything to drink. My throat is dry and burning. I feel as if I had fire and ice within me and the air is so oppressive. Alas! I must die. and part with the warm sunshine, the fresh green meadows. and all the beauty that God has created."And it thrust its beak into the piece of grass, to refresh itself a little.

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Rosalind: O excellent young man. I am indeed delighted.
Duke: No more, no more, stop it!
Orlando: Please sir, I have just begun, let me go on.
Duke: Charles, Charles, how are you?
Nobleman: Sir, he cannot speak.
Duke: Take him away. What is your name, young man?
Orlando: Orlando, sir, the youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys.
Duke: (annoyed) Your father was my enemy, your bravery would have pleased me more if you had another father.
Orlando: I am proud to be my father’s son and I would not change my place to be the heir of the dukedom.
The Duke left.
Celia: (angry and humiliated) Rosalind, do you think I would have behaved in the same way.
Rosalind: Celia, my father loved Sir Rowland very much and all the world agreed with him. If I had known, that this young man was Sir Rowland’s son, I would have begged him not to take such a great risk.
Concept: Dialogue Writing
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