Read the Following Extract and Convert It into a Continuous Writeup.You May Begin With: "The Writer'S Mother Asked the Pink Lady If She Required a Room ..... ""May I Come In?" Asked the Pink Lady. - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and convert it into a continuous writeup.
[ You may begin with: "The writer's mother asked the pink lady if she required a room ..... "]
"May I come in?" asked the pink lady.
"Please come in," said my mother."Do sit down. Do you require
a room?"
"Not today, thank you. I'm staying with Padre Dutt. He insisted on putting me up. But I may want a room for a day or two - just for old times' sake."
"You've stayed here before."
"A long time ago. I'm Mrs. Green, you know. The missing Mrs
Green. The one for whom you put up that handsome tombstone in the cemetery. I was very touched by it. And I'm glad you didn't add 'Beloved wife of Henry Green' because I didn't love him any more than he loved me."
"Then - then - you aren't the skeleton?" stammered my mother.
"Do I look like a skeleton?"
"No!" we said together.
"But we heard you disappeared," I said, "and when we found that skeleton -"
"You put two and two together.''
"Well, it was Miss Kellner who convinced us," said my mother.
"And you did disappear mysteriously. You were missing for years. And everyone knew Mr. Green was a philanderer." "Couldn't wait to get away from him," said the pink lady."Couldn't stand him anymore. He was a lady-killer, but not a real killer."
"But your father came looking for you. Didn't you get in touch
with him?"
"My father and I were never very close. Mother died when I was
very young, and the only relative I had was a cousin in West Africa. So that's where I went- Sierra Leone!''

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Concept: Paragraph Writing
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