Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions Given Below: - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below: 

I asked her why 
She was so sad? 
She told me her baby 
was killed in Auschwitz. 
her daughter in Hiroshima 
and her sons in Vietnam,
Ireland, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, 
Bosnia. Rwanda, Kosovo, and Chechnya.

(1) Why was the woman in the extract sad? 

(2) What do you think. are the dire consequences ofa war? 

(3) Name and explain the figure of speech in the following lines :

'I asked her why 
she was so sad ?'

(4) What purpose docs the dialogue form serve in the extract? 

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(1) The woman in the extract is sad because her children were killed at various war fronts.

(2) War results in a lot of harmful things, like unemployment, loss of life, property, hunger and disease, discontent and general unhappiness. 

(3) Alliteration:  The consonant sound of ‘s’ is repeated for musical effect. 

(4) The dialogue form adds to a sense of reality, makes the poem more picturesque and lively, highlighting the theme very clearly. 

Concept: Unseen Poem Comprehension
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