Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions Given Below : - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below :

I was 33 at the time, a doctor in the West End of London. I had been lucky)' in advancing through severed arduous Welsh mining assistantships to my own practice- acquired on the installment plan from a dear old family physician who, at our first interview, gazed at my cracked boots and frayed cuffs and trusted me.  
I think I wasn't a bad doctor. My patients seemed to like me not only 1he nice old ladies with nothing wrong with them, who lived near the Park and paid handsomely for my cheerful bedside manner but the cabbies, porters, and deadbeats in the mews and back streets of Bayswater, who paid nothing and often had a great deal wrong with them. Yet there was something- though I treated everything that came my way, read all Ille medical journals, attended scientific meetings, and even found time to take complex postgraduate diplomas - I wasn't quite sure of myself. I didn't stick at anything for long. I had successive ideas of specializing in dermatology, in aural surgery, in pediatrics, but discarded them all. While I worked all day and half of most nights, I really lacked perseverance, stability.  One day I developed indigestion. After resisting my wife's entreaties for several weeks, I went casually to consult a friendly colleague. I expected a bottle of bismuth and an invitation to a bridge. I received instead of the shock of my life: a sentence to six months' complete rest in the country on a milk diet. I had a gastric ulcer. 

(I) What does the doctor tell us about his profession?

(2) What sort of patients did the doctor handle? 

(3) What shock of life did the doctor receive when he visited his doctor colleague? 

(4) What qualities of the doctor appeal you the most? 

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed: 

(i) I read all the medical journals.
(Rewrite it using the past perfect continuous tense.) 

(ii) I treated everything that came n1y way. 
(Rewrite the sentence beginning with "Everything ... ") 

(iii) I received the shock of my life. 
(Make it a Rhetorical question.) 

(6) Find out the words from the extract which mean : 

(i) involving a lot of effort and energy. 

(ii) serious requests   

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(1) The doctor tells us that he was not a bad doctor, all his patients seemed to like him. However, he felt he lacked presence and stability. 

(2) The doctor treated all kinds of patients, the rich old ladies had nothing wrong with them and the poor cabbies, porters and deadbeats, who paid nothing and often had a great deal of wrong with them. 

(3) The doctor was troubled with indigestion, so he consulted a friendly colleague who told him he had a gastric ulcer and take complete rest in the country on a milk diet. 

(4) The doctor was kind and therefore the old ladies liked to visit him, he probably didn’t overcharge his patients so the poor could approach him. Overall he was honest and was able to realize his own drawbacks. He was a simple man and lived a simple life.  


(i) I had been reading all the medical journals. 

(ii) Everything that came my way was treated by me.

(iii) Didn’t I receive the shock of my life?


(i) involving a lot of effort and energy = arduous
(ii) serious requests = entreaties.  
Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
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