Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions Given Below: - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below:

        But being named an 'AdarshGaon' is far from easy. Villages had to give a proposal after which a committee headed by Mr. Pawar inspected the villages. "The Villages had to show dedication in the struggle to fight mediocrity. They had to follow all the conditions of becoming an 'AdarshGaon'. We chose villages with a revolutionary spark, "Mr. Pawar says.

        Villages need to follow strict rules. The process begins with effective water management through the watershed technique and water auditing. taking responsibility for the village's natural resources-planting trees and stopping grazing. contributing labour for the village work, and then expanding to bring about behavioral changes in the people for harboring social change. Hiware Bazaar is free of any kind of addiction and there are no liquor or tobacco shops in the village. Vasectomy has been made compulsory, as is the pre-marital HIV test. 

        The 'AdarshGaon' model prides itself on being based on the joint decisions made by the Gram Sabha, where all the villagers are present. Even while selecting the new villages under the scheme, Mr. Pawar made sure that the decision to become an ideal village was taken by the entire village together.

        The greatest victory for Hiware Bazaar so far has been the reverse migration that the village has witnessed since 1989. As many as 93 families have come back to the village," from the slums in Mumbai and Pune," Mr. Pawar says.


(1) What features of 'Adarsh Gaon' are given in this extract? 

(2) What is the procedure for selecting 'Adarsh Gaon'?

(3) What is the greatest victory for Hiware Bazaar?        

(4) Do you think all villages in Maharashtra should follow the ideals of Hiware Bazaar? why?

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :

 i.  Mr. Pawar inspected the villages. 

    (Rewrite it using the noun form of the word underlined.)     

ii. Vasectomy has been made compulsory by the villagers.

   (Rewrite it beginning with-"The villagers........".)

iii. There are no liquor or tobacco shops in the village.

   (Rewrite it using 'neither......nor'.)

(6) Find out the words from the extract which mean: 

(i) causing a great change 

(ii) the quality of being average

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(1) The measures made to preserving natural resources, preventing people from addiction and looking after public hearth are the main features of 'Adarsh Gaon ' which are mentioned in this extract. 

(2) Villages are expected to give a proposal, after which a committee headed by Mr. Pawar would inspect the villages.

(3) The greatest victory for Hiware Bazar is the reverse migration. Villagers who had migrated to Pune and Mumbai as early as 1989 returned to their villages.

 (4) Conserving natural resources is our duty. So, I think not only me but also every one of us supports the villages which are changing towards the goodness of nature. All villages in Maharashtra should follow the ideals of Hiware Bazaar. The progress made in terms of water management, preservation of natural resources and other social reforms regarding, alcohol, tobacco and birth control are remarkable and an appreciated one. 


i. Inspection of the villages was done by Mr.Pawar.  OR 

Mr.Pawar did the inspection of the villages. 

ii. The villagers have made vasectomy compulsory.

iii. There are neither liquor or tobacco shops in the village.


i.  causing a great change - revolutionary

ii.  the quality of being average - mediocrity 

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
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