Read the following conversation. Ravi: What are you doing? Mridu: I’m reading a book - English

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Read the following conversation.
Ravi: What are you doing?
Mridu: I’m reading a book.
Ravi: Who wrote it?
Mridu: Ruskin Bond.
Ravi: Where did you find it?
Mridu: In the library.
Notice that ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘where’, are question words. Questions that require information begin with question words. Some other question words are ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘which’ and ‘how’.
Remember that

  • What asks about acting, things etc.
  • Who asks about people.
  • Which asks about people or things.
  • Where asks about place.
  • When asks about time.
  • Why asks about reason or purpose.
  • How asks about means, manner or degree.
  • Whose asks about possessions.

Read the following paragraph and frame questions on the italicised phrases.
Anil is in school. I am in school too. Anil is sitting in the left row. He is reading a book. Anil’s friend is sitting in the second row. He is sharpening his pencil. The teacher is writing on the blackboard. Children are writing in their copybooks. Some children are looking out of the window.



  1. Where is Anil?
  2. Which row he is sitting in?
  3. What is he doing?
  4. Where is Anil’s friend sitting?
  5. What is his friend doing?
  6. Who is writing on the blackboard?
  7. What are some children doing?
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