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Read the News Story Given Below - English Core

Answer in Brief

Read the news story given below.

                                                 India's elderly face growing neglect
                                                               By Tinku Ray
                                                            BBC News, Delhi
There has been a steady rise recently in reports of cases of elderly being abused, harassed and abandoned in India.

Traditionally older people have been revered in India, signified by the touching
of their feet by the younger generation.
Prime ministers and Presidents have almost always been senior citizens.
Joint family systems - where three or more generations lived under one roof - were a strong support - network for the elderly.
But more children are now leaving their parental homes to set up their own.

Discuss in groups:
a) What are the reasons for the old people being "abused, harassed and
abandoned" in India?
b) What are the problems faced by the old people as a result?

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(a) The news is really an eye-opener in a country like India, where children are expected to take great care of their elderly so as to express gratitude to them. An extended family was the norm where parents and grandparents were revered by their children. However, western influence and dwindling moral values have led to an unpleasant situation where old people are being “abused, harassed and abandoned”. Social and economic development has caused the extended family system to change into a single family system. Old people, generally, find it hard to adjust their way of thinking that results in a clash between them and the somewhat rigid and insensitive younger generation.

(b) Due to this lack of emotional, moral and even financial support, old people are facing many problems.

  • a feeling of loneliness and being neglected
  • physical and mental impairment
  • emotional trauma resulting in sleeplessness and anxiety
  • feeling of insecurity and loss of dignity.

(b) These problems are: loneliness, neglect, absence of communication among their own, lack of sympathy, no medical help, growing independence on others, absence of interacting with others at social level, not sharing of grief etc.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 12 The Dear Departed
Q 2 | Page 132
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