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Read the Lines Given Above and Answer the Question that Follow. What Message Does the Poet Want to Convey ? - English 2 (Literature in English)

Short Note

The black man's face bespoke revenge
As the fire passed from his sight.
For all he saw in his stick of wood
Was a chance to spite the white.

The last man of this forlorn group
Did nought except for gain.
Giving only to those who gave
Was how he played the game.

Their logs held tight in death's still hands
Was proof of human sin.
They didn't die from the cold without
They died from the cold within.

Read the lines given above and answer the question that follow.

What message does the poet want to convey ?

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According to the poet, the prejudice of race, religion or colour is sinful. We must rise above all prejudices to be kind, generous and helpful. We should not allow ourselves to be dictated by the ‘cold within’ which is self-destructive

Concept: Reading
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