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Read the inputs given as I and II and have a class discussion on ‘Food Wastage’. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Read the inputs given as I and II and have a class discussion on ‘Food Wastage’. 

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Mainly for discussion at class level. A sample of how the discussion is to proceed is grven below.

Teacher : Students, all of you know how much food goes into waste during wedding parties. What do you  say about it ?

Student A : Some guests fill their plates with various food items that they cannot eat.  They realize it later and discard the food in the bins.

Student B : I know many people who say it's a status symbol to leave food in the plate

Student C · One thing that I find surprising is that these people are already having enough . They do not think of those who barely manage a single meal

Student D :  It has been rightly said, 'Generosity is not in serving food . generosity is in serving food to those who are hungry.'

Student E : There should be a law to check the rampant wastage of food in lavish wedding parties and  celebrations.

Student A : Yes. in most marriages. the wastage of food is really very much. The half-eaten food items that are costly can be seen in the dustbins or on the fioor.

Teacher : Food wastage is more of a habit than practice especially in children.

Student F : In ruy opinion, parents should be watchful enough to guide their children about the proper amount of food they should take .They should be taught not to waste food at all They should take only those foods items that they can eat .

Student B : The best way to save food is to take spoonfuls of each dish to taste and decide which are to be  taken more. They shouldn't fill the plate with every food item and then discard it all in the bins.

Student G : I feel, it is the responsibility of the guests to help the size of the servings according to their appetite .

Teacher : Yes, so dear students, there are millions who go to bed without a morsel. The left over food in marriages can feed thousands of hungry people. Food inflation is going high. Everyone should try to save food at home also.

Student H : I have heard of BIOTECH of Kerala. It has succeeded in tackling the problem of waste food being dumped in the streets. This has been done by setting up biogas plants that use the food waste to produce gas for cooking.

Teacher : It is an excellent idea but we all should think of 3R's of food -
'Reduce wastage·
'Reuse wastage:
'Recycle waste food:

All : We have learnt a lot that we should not waste food We should save every grain and every morsel and try to follow good food habits Thank you Madam. 

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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