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Read the Following Statements and Justify Same in Your Own Words with the Help of Suitable Examples.Human Evolution Began Approximately 7 Crore Years Ago. - Science and Technology 2

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Answer in Brief

Read the following statements and justify same in your own words with the help of suitable examples.

Human evolution began approximately 7 crore years ago.

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The dinosaurs became extinct around 7 crore years ago and from that point human evolution began. Humans are thought to have evolved from monkey like animals which looked more or less like modern lemurs. These monkey like animals further  evolved into ape like animals. Some of these ape like animals evolved into gibbon and orangutan while rest of them evolved into gorilla and chimpanzees.From their evolved, the first human like animal called Ramapethicus. The following table lists the  evolutionary history of modern man: 



15 million years ago

Dryopithecus (ape-like) and Ramapithecus (man-like)

3 − 4 million years ago

Man-like primates

2 million years ago

Australopithecines, also called Homo habilis,lived in East Africa

1.5 million years ago

Homo erectus

1,000 − 40, 000 years ago

Neanderthal man

75, 000 − 10, 000 years ago

Homo sapiens 

Concept: Organic Evolution
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