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Read the Following Report Or a School Cricket Match and Underline All the Modals and the Verbs Accompanying Them. Underline the Modals Red and the Verbs Green. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Read the following report or a school cricket match and underline all the modals and the verbs accompanying them. Underline the modals red and the verbs green.

Our school cricket team is practicing really hard for the zonal matches. I have no doubt that we will beat the local teams vecy easily, but when it comes to the outside teams, I am not as confident. Our boys must work vecy hard. Perhaps they could do some yoga exercises to improve their concentration. They need not worcy about their fitness at this stage, but they should follow a strict routine.
Last year they had to struggle to reach the finals. The draw might have been a little unfavourable to them but they shouldn't have neglected their fielding. This landed them in trouble in the quarter finals. This year our team should tcy and do better in the field. We lost the finals last year mainly because of floored catches! A casual approach to this aspect must have been the cause of our failure at the crucial stage. So our team ought to improve its fielding and get its batting to click

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Modals Verbs
will beat
must work
could do
need \not worry
should follow
had to struggle
might been
shouldn’t neglected
should try
must been
ought to improve
Concept: Writing Skill
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative Work Book (Interact in English)
Chapter 11 Modals - Expressing Attitudes (Integrated Grammar practice 6)
Exercise C | Q 1 | Page 205
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