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Read the Following Passage and Do the Activities.He Decided, Instead to Go to a Hermit Who Was Widely - English

Read the following passage and do the activities.

He decided, instead to go to a hermit who was widely renowned for his wisdom. The hermit lived in a small hut in a forest which he never left. He spoke only to common folk. So the king put on simple clothes and approaching the hermit’s cell, dismounted his horse and left his bodyguard behind.
When the king arrived, the hermit was digging the ground in front of his hut. He greeted the king but went on digging. The hermit was frail and weak, and each time he struck the ground with the spade and turned over a little earth, he breathed heavily. The king went up to him and said, “I have come to you, wise hermit, to ask you to answer three questions-How can I learn to do the right thing at the right time? Who are the people I most need, and to whom should I, therefore, pay most attention ? And what affairs are the most important and need my first attention?”
The hermit listened to the king but said nothing. He just spat on his hand and resumed digging. The king watched in silence for a while. Then, feeling sorry for the hermit, he said, “You are tired, let me take the spade and work a while for you.” The hermit silently handed over the spade and sat down on the ground. When he had dug two beds, the king stopped and repeated his questions. The hermit again gave no answer, but rose, stretched out his hand for the spade, and said, “Now rest a while and let me work a bit”. But the king did not give him the spade and continued to dig.
One hour passed and another. The sun began to sink behind the trees and the king at last stuck the spade into the ground and said, “I came to you, wise one, for an answer to my questions. If you can give me none, please say so, and I will go home.’’ “Here comes someone running,’’ said the hermit, “let us see who it is.

(B1) State whether the following statements are True or False.
(a) The hermit answered all the questions.
(b) The hermit was strong and firm.
(c) The king had come to hermit to ask him answers of seven questions.
(d) The king felt sorry for the hermit after watching him tired.

(B2) Why did the king come to the hermit? How did the hermit respond to the king’s questions?

(B3) Find out two present participles and two past participles.

(1) You are very tired.
(The correct exclamatory form of the sentence is …………..)
(i) How are you tired !
(ii) How tired you are !
iii) How you are tired !
(2) The hermit gave no answer. (Make it affirmative.)

(B5) Whom will you consult if you have any doubt or question in your mind? Why?

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(B1) (a) False (b) False (c) False (d) True
(1/2 mark for each correct answer) 02

(B2) When the king didn’t get the answer of his three questions even after his proclamation, the king thought it better to go to the hermit who was widely renowned for his wisdom so he came to the hermit. The hermit greeted the king, listened to the king but said nothing. He did not answer the king’s questions directly. 02

(i) Present Participles - digging, approaching      01
(ii) Past participle - passed, listened                    01

(i) How tired you are !                        01
(ii) The hermit remained silent./ The hermit kept mum.  01

My father is a good advisor. He is always ready with his solution on any doubt or problem. He always teaches me how to tackle our problems and come out of it. He is my guide, philosopher and torch bearer. So I always consult him whenever I have any doubt or question in my mind. 02

Concept: Writing Skill
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