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Read the Following Intro and Write a Headline, a Date- Line and a Short Continuing Paragraph. Quetions Intro: Santacruz Police Have Arrested Three People in a Case of Cheating. the Accused Ar - English

Read the following intro and write a headline, a date- line and a short continuing paragraph. 


Intro: Santacruz police have arrested three people in a case of cheating. The accused are ex-employees of a Parle based fitness centre cal led Yogpower Studio:

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Mumbai, March 28
By A Staff Reporter
              Santacruz police have arrested three people in a case of cheating. They arrested the fraudulent chitfund schemes and their operators, yesterday at 1:00 pm, a special police team of Santacruz Police  arrested 3 ex-employee of Yogpower studio, Vile Parle – a blacklisted fitness centre which has already duped hundreds of investors with chitfund business, drug peddling and cheating ABC Bank with lakhs of withdrawals.           
            They were produced to sessions court and the court has issued freezing orders on Rs 1.92 crore of cash deposits of Yogpower, which allegedly cheated hundreds of investors .The accused have been sent to police custody till 13th of March. The racket exploded when the three arrested revealed  when raids are being carried out at 19 places in Mumbai. Defrauded investors, who provided leads of the caught, were following them for many days. Apart from companies, unknown officials of DEF and ABC Bank, who allegedly connived with the companies, have also been booked for cheating, criminal conspiracy and forgery. The Police Commissioner, Shri XYZ  said “An offence of cheating under 420 IPC has been booked  against the company and case of criminal conspiracy against the three ex-employees, who had been peddling drugs earlier, defrauded the banks through their borrowal accounts and cheated more than 150 investors whose complaints had been lodged in different parts of Mumbai and Navimumbai.” The Mumbai Police has issued a look-out notice for the director of the fitness centre KLM (45), who has been absconding since the case was registered against him for allegedly cheating the banks to the tune of 67 lakhs on the basis of forged papers. Police is further investigating in depth.
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