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Read the Following Information and Prepare a Pie Diagram for the Same Annual Water Usage in Maharashtra - English


Read the following information and prepare a pie diagram for the same

Annual Water Usage in Maharashtra

Water is life. It is a universal solvent and an important resource. The annual usage of water differs in various sectors of Maharashtra. The major occupation of Maharashtra being agriculture, the maximum amount of available water is used for irrigation that is 86%. The distant following place 7% is contributed by domestic sector including drinking, washing, cooking, etc. There is a close competition of other sectors which is not far away with 6% usage of water. One of the key factors which plays an important role in the development of a nation is industrial sector. The consumption of water by industrial sector is very negligible which is 1%. We know energy sector plays a vital role in the development of a nation.
In this sector, the use of water is almost nil. If we try to observe its place in the chart we do realise that it holds 0% usage and is yet to open its account.

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Concept: Writing Skill
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