Read the Following Extract and Extend It by Adding an Imaginary Paragraph of Your Ownin About 120 Wordseventually I Made My Way to England Where I Was Sponsored by a Jewish Charity, - English

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Read the following extract and extend it by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own in about 120 words

Eventually I made my way to England where I was sponsored by a Jewish charity,
put up in a hostel with other boys who had survived the Holocaust and trained in electronics.
Then I came to America, where my brother Sam had already moved. I served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, and returned to New York City after two years. By August 1957, I'd opened my own electronics repair shop. I was starting to settle in.
One day my friend Sid who I knew from England called me. " I've got a date. She's got a Polish friend. Let's double date."
A blind date? Nah that wasn't for me.
But Sid kept pestering me and a few days later we headed up to the Bronx to pick up his date and her friend Roma.

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Sid & I picked Bronx and then headed to pick her friend Roma. Roma was an air-hostess with a reputed Airways. The moment Herman saw here he fell in love with her. It was love at first sight for him. All four of them went for lunch together & then for a long drive. While they went for long drive Herman & Roma started talking to each other as this was their first meeting both of them were quiet shy & hesistant to make conversation. After some time, all four of them started talking about their childhood memories. Herman wanted to confess to Roma that he likes her but couldn't do it at first. All of them were having a good time with each other & now it didn't seem that this was a blind date for Herman & Roma while they were discussing their childhood memories & school days. Herman & Roma came to know that they were that same childhood buddies who used to share everything with each other & met after all these years. This came as a surprise to both of them.

Concept: Paragraph Writing
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