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Read the Following Extract and Extend It by Adding an Imaginary Paragraph of Your Own in About 120 Wordsdaisy Did Not Mind that Nobody Saw It in the Grass, and that - English

Read the following extract and extend it by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own in about 120 words

Then two little boys came out of the garden; one of them had a large sharp knife, like that with which the girl had cut the tulips. They came straight towards the little daisy, which could
not understand what they wanted.
"Here is a fine piece of turf for the lark," said one of the boys, and began to cut out a square round the daisy, so that it remained in the centre of the grass.
"Pluck the flower off said the other boy, and the daisy trembled for fear, for to be pulled off meant death to it; and it wished so much to live, as it was to go with the square of turf into the poor captive lark's cage.
"No let it stay," said the other boy," it looks so pretty."
And so it stayed, and was brought into the lark's cage.

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The daisy was bought home by these two boys. They kept the daisy on the table near the cage of lark. Initially, daisy was quiet disappointed that she has been separated from her family & friends who were in the grass. She felt that she is going to die soon. After one or two days, the lark & daisy started talking to each other. The flower used to appreciate the beauty of the nature & the bird whereas, the bird used to help the flower & sing merry songs for her. They both started spending quality time together and now the flower was relaxed & happy. She enjoyed the company of this bird. Suddenly, one day the flower had difficulty in breathing & was feeling sick. The bird saw this & tried helping the flower by sprinkling water on her through its beak. He also tried to talk to her & console her. Even after all the efforts taken by the bird the flower passed away.

Concept: Speaking Skill
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