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Read the Following Extract and Extend It by Adding an Imaginary Paragraph of Your Own in About 120 Words : - English

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Read the following extract and extend it by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own in about 120 words :

So the good Duke and his followers helped him to bring Adam to their hidingplace, and Orlando and the old man were fed and taken care of When the Duke learned that Orlando was a son of his old friend Sir Rowland de Boys, he welcomed him gladly to his forest court.

Orlando lived happily with the Duke and his friends, but he had not forgotten the lovely Rosalind. She was always in his thoughts and every day he wrote poetry about her, pinning it on the trees in the forest. 'These trees shall be my books', he said, 'so that everyone who looks in the forest will be able to read how sweet and good Rosalind is.' Rosalind and Celia found some of these poems pinned on the trees. At first they were puzzled, wondering who could have written them; but one day Celia came in from a walk with the news that she had seen Orlando sleeping under a tree.

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Celia and Rosalind decided to search Orlando in the forest where Celia saw him. So, they started their hunt. While searching through the forest they met a swallow bird. Even that bird took a halt from his work. These girls started talking to this bird & were surprised to know what this bird actually did.
          The bird was actually a messenger of a statue called ' The Happy Prince' who was in the centre of the city. The statue and the bird used to help the poor & needy people in the city. The statue was made of gold, silver & precious stones and looked very attractive.
              He used to notice all the needy & poor people in the city and then used to instruct the bird to remove the precious stone or gold from his statue and give it to the one who needs it which the bird used to do. Both Rosalind & Celia were amazed. After listening this, Celia requested the bird if she can help her in finding Orlando in the forest.
               The bird agreed & flew away. After few hours, the bird came to both the girls and informed that Orlando was staying in a small hut in the forest with his family & guided the girls with way.

Concept: Writing Skill
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