Read the Following Extract and Extend It by Adding an Imaginary Paragraph of Your Own in About 120 Words : - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and extend it by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own in about 120 words :

Rosalind and Orlando were married at once in the forest
and on the same day Oliver who was 110 longer selfish and married Celia. Just as they were going to be married, a mess,enger came to ask Duke senior to go back to his dukedom. Celia s fathcr; Duke Frederick, had mended his wicked ways and asked his brother to return.
Frederick had set out with a11 anny to fight the old Duke, but on his way he had met a wise and holy man, who had persuaded him that it was wrong and wicked to drive his elder brother from the court. So Frederick had given up the dukedom and the good.
Duke could go home again. There was great rejoicing in the forest of Arden, under the greenwood tree. Frederick was forgiven and Duke senior and his followers returned from the forest to live happily in their Own homes.

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 The next day the boys went in search of another bird which they could put in the cage. They felt terribly guilty for what had happened to the lark, “We have been very careless indeed.” they said to each other “We will get another bird and look after it very well.” They spoke to their mother and asked her for help to get another bird. However, she was quite angry with them. “You have done a terrible thing, boys,” she said. “You have killed an innocent bird. You have no right to put free birds ina cage. How would you like to be shut up in a room all the time and not be allowed to run and play freely? You are never going to cage a bird again. Is that Clear?

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