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Read the Following Extract and Convert It into a Dialogue Between Orlando and the Duke Senior in About 8 to 10 Sentences: - English

Read the following extract and convert it into a dialogue between ORlando and the Duke Senior in about 8 to 10 sentences:

[You may begin with:  Orlando: Stop and eat no more! ]

The duke senior and his followers were sitting down to a meal one day when Orlando rushed out from among the trees, his sword in his hand. ‘stop, and eat no more !’ he cried
The duke and his friend asked him what he wanted. ‘food,’ said Orlando. ‘I am almost dying of hunger.’
    They asked him to sit down and eat, but he would not do so. He told them that his old servant was in the wood, dying of hunger. ‘I will not eat a bite until he has been fed,’ Orlando said.
  So the good duke and his followers helped him to bring Adrian to their hiding-place, and Orlando and the old man were fed and taken care of. When the duke learned that Orlando was a son of his old friend Sir Manuel de Roys, he welcomed him gladly to his forest court.
Orlando lived happily with the duke and his friends, but he had not forgotten the lovely Rosalind. She was always in his thoughts and everyday he wrote poetry about her, pinning it on the trees in the forest. ‘These trees shall be my books,’ he said, ‘so that everyone who looks in the forest will be able to read how sweet and good Rosalind is.’

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Orlando : Stop and eat no more.
Duke Senior : What do you want young man?
Orlando : ‘Food’, sir. I am almost dying of hunger.
Duke Senior : Sit, and dine with us.
Orlando : No, sir, I cannot dine with you.
Duke Senior :And, why, may I ask?
Orlando : My old servant is in the wood, dying of hunger. I will not eat a bite until he has been fed.
Duke Senior : We will come with you and bring you servant here so you can both eat. Now, can you tell me who you are young man?
Orlando : I am Orlando, son of Sir Rowland de Boys.
Duke Senior : Welcome my boy, your dad and I were the best of friends, come and be my guest in my humble dwelling place.
Orlando : Thank you, Sir! I will be happy to live with you and your family.
Duke Senior : Is it that you are carving on those trees?
Orlando : Yes of course sir, Trees are my books on which I write poems about my lady love.
Duke Senior : I am sure, that one day you will be awarded for your love and affection.
Concept: Reading Skill
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