Read the Following Extract and Convert It into a Dialogue Between Oliver and Rosalind in About 120 Words:You May Begin with : Oliver: I Had Searched for Orlando ..... - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and convert it into a dialogue between Oliver and Rosalind in about 120 words:
[You may begin with : Oliver: I had searched for Orlando ..... ]

Oliver told them his story. He had searched for Orlando everywhere in the forest, he said, and at last, tired and hungry, he had fallen asleep under a tree. On his way from Rosalind's cottage, Orlando had seen his brother lying asleep. A big snake had curled round Oliver's neck and was just going to bite him when it saw. Orlando and slipped away into a bush. And then Orlando saw that a hungry lion was waiting under the same bush, ready to kill Oliver as soon as he woke up.

Orlando thought of all his brother's unkindness to him in the past. Why should he risk his own life to save this brother who had always been cruel to him? Twice he turned away to leave Oliver, but he had a kind and noble heart and at last, decided that he could not leave his brother to die. So he fought the lion. The fierce animal tore and bit his arm, but he managed to kill it. Oliver wakened by the noise of the fight, saw that Orlando was risking his own life to save him. He was filled with shame at all his past unkindness to his young brother, and he begged Orlando to forgive him.

Orlando took his brother to the Duke, who gave him food and clothes. Orlando said nothing about the wound the lion had given him, but it had been bleeding all the time and suddenly he fell to the ground and fainted from loss of blood. As soon as he recovered consciousness, Orlando begged Oliver to go to Ganymede and Aliena. 'Show them this blood-stained handkerchief,' he said, 'and explain to them why I have broken my promise to be with them at two o'clock'.

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Concept: Dialogue Writing
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