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Read the Following Extract and Convert It into a Continuous Write-up in About 120 Words:You May Begin with : George Flashed a Pocket Torch and Saw the Boys Looking About….(George Flashes a Pocke - English

Read the following extract and convert it into a continuous write-up in about 120 words:
You may begin with : George flashed a pocket torch and saw the boys looking about….
(George flashes a pocket torch. The boys look about them but not so far up stage as to notice the white models, nor do they see the skull, towards which their backs are turned.)
Tom :  (crossing R. C.). This is a queer place. I wonder if there’s anybody in the house.
George : You’ve picked three empty houses already, and you let us sing the whole of While Shepherds Watched outside the last one before you found out your mistake.
Tom : Well, that’s better than what you did — you picked the house where they had that bulldog.
George : (contemptuously). I wasn’t afraid of the bulldog.
Tom : No, maybe you weren’t: but I’m not sure that the savage beast hasn’t torn off a bit of young Alfie’s suit, and if he has there won’t half be a row! (Alfie fidgets nervously at the mention of his damaged suit.)
Tom : (down R.C.). How much money have we collected?
Ginger : (crossing C. to George). Let’s have a look under the light. (After counting coppers, with the aid of George’s torch.) Eightpence halfpenny.
Tom : (in a tone of disgust). Only eightpence halfpenny — between four of us —after yelling our heads off all the evening! Crikey! Money’s a bit tight round these parts, isn’t it?
George : I told you it was too early for carol-singing. It’s too soon after Guy Fawkes’ day.
(Faint distant scream off R.)
Tom : (startled). What was that?
George: What was what?
Tom : That noise — it sounded like a scream.
George: Nonsense.
Alfie :   (L). Let’s go home.
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George flashed a pocket torch and saw the boys looking about them. Crossing R.C. Tom wondered if there’s anybody in the house. Suddenly George told him that he had already picked three empty houses and had made them sing ‘While shepherds watched’, before he had found out his mistake. Tom replied by saying that it was better than the house with the bulldog. Suddenly George replied that he was not afraid of bulldogs. Tom recalled him that he bull dog may have torn Alfie’s new suit and once Alfie notices it, he is sure to pick up a fight. Alfie examines his sult.
Tom asked how much money they had collected. Ginger counted the pennies and announced that they had just Eight pence halfpenny. After knowing their financial position Tom was very upset, as it was a very less amount to collect after having sung all evening. Well, George told him, it was too early for carol - singing, quickly after Fawkes day was over. Suddenly to heard a loud scream, but George just passed it off as nonsense. Lastly Alfie suggested that all go home.
Concept: Speaking Skill
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