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Read the Following Extract from a Conduct Book for ‘Married Women’, Published in 1912. - Social Science

Short Note

Read the following extract from a conduct book for ‘married women’, published in 1912. ‘God has made the female species delicate and fragile both physically and emotionally, pitiably incapable of self-defence. They are destined thus by God to remain in male protection − of father, husband and son − all their lives. Women should, therefore, not despair, but feel obliged that they can dedicate themselves to the service of men’. Do you think the values expressed in this para reflected the values underlying our constitution? Or does this go against the constitutional values?

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The given paragraph reflects the patriarchal values. It promotes the idea of inequality of genders. This is contrary to the spirit of equality promoted by the constitution.

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NCERT Class 9 Social Science - Democratic Politics 1
Chapter 2 Constitutional Design
Exercise | Q 9 | Page 54
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