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Read the Following Extract and Complete the Table Given Below : - English

Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and complete the table given below :
   Computer Assisted Language Leaming (CALL) materials come in two main formats: CD/DVD RO Ms and Web-based. Some are tailored to the content to be used in the classrooms whereas others can be used independently. CALL materials allow you to work at your own pace.
   Multimedia materials offer you the opportunity to take part in other computer-assisted activities, such as text-based gap-filling, multiple-choice and text reconstruction activities. Language teachers often develop such text-based CALL activities to accompany a particular course. CALL materials can be regularly updated.
   Because CALL learning activity types are usually designed from a template, they can sometimes be repetitive.
   A major advantage of CALL materials is that they offer instant feedback on your spoken or written performance. However, such feedback can be limited. If you are more interested in creating your own responses or elaborating on your ideas, you may find this type of Facebook frustrating. Web-based CALL materials can offer more variety through the use of hyperlinks, but feedback is still limited.
Just as representations of the cultures of the target language offered by courses using books; audio and videotapes can perpetuate stereotypes.

Computer Assisted Language Learning Material
Formats Advantages Disadvantages
 ------------and Web-based (a) content tailored for classroom use

(i) -------
  (b) ----------- (ii) limited feedback
  (c) ----------- (iii) ---------
  (d) offer opportunity to take part in other computer-assisted activities (iv)--------
  (e) -----------  
  (f) -----------  
  (g) offer variety  
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Computer Assisted Language Learning Materials
and Web-based
(a) Content tailored for classroom use

(b) can be used independently

(c) can work at your pace

(d) offers the opportunity to participate in other computer-assisted activities.

(e) can be updated

(f) offers instant feedback

(g) offer a variety through the use of hyperlinks.
(i) can be repetitive

(ii) limited feedback

(iii) frustrating feedback

(iv) perpetuates stereotypes.
Concept: Writing Skill
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