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Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions that Follow: with Ships and Sun and Love Tempting Them to Steal... for Lives that Slyly Turn in Their Cramped Holes from Fog to Endless Night? - English Core

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Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

With ships and sun and love tempting them to steal...
For lives that slyly turn in their cramped holes
From fog to endless night?

(i) Who are 'them' referred to in the first line?
(ii) What tempts them?
(iii) What does the poet say about 'their' lives?

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(a) The word 'them' refers to the children studying in a slum school.

(b) Shakespeare and the world map present a ‘bad example’ to these children. The beauty, vastness and radiance of such things tempt them.

(c) According to the poet, these children spend their whole lives confined in ‘their cramped holes’, like rodents. The undernourished bodies of these children look like skeletons, comprising only bones. Their steel-framed spectacles with repaired glasses make them appear like the broken pieces of a bottle scattered on stones. Since their entire lives revolve around slums, their future also seems blotted.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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