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Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions Given Belowall the Rest of Her Children, She Said, Are on the Nuclearblacklist of the Dead, - English

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below
All the rest of her children, she said, are on the nuclear
blacklist of the dead,
all the rest, unless
the whole world understands - that peace is a woman:
A thousand candles then lit
in her starry eyes, and I saw angels bearing a moonlit message :
Peace is indeed a pregnant woman Peace is a mother.

(1) What is the situation of the children in absence of peace? (1)

(2) Why should we avoid wars? (1)

(3) Name and explain the figure of speech in the following line:
that peace is a woman. (1)

(4) What message does the poet give through this poem? (1)

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(1) Ans. The children in the absence of peace are on the nuclear blacklist of the dead & destruction.

(2) Ans. We should avoid wars as wars are not the solution of any disputes or issues. War will ultimately lead to destruction of humans, property, wildlife, nature, etc. No issue can be resolved with war. But if peace is promoted many disputes can be solved without any damage or destruction with proper discussion. Hence war should be avoided & peace needs to be promoted.

(3) Ans. The figure of speech is-
Metaphor - Peace is indirectly compared to a woman.

(4) Ans. The poet appeals all the people across the world to end wars & promote peace as war will not resolve any dispute or issue. War will always lead to destruction whereas if peace is promoted, nations of world can come together, discuss the issue, there would be brotherhood & unity amongst people. The whole world will like a family & full of peace & happiness.

Concept: Reading Skill
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