Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions Given Below:We Commemorate So Many Special Days .Such as Republic - English

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Answer in Brief

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below:
We commemorate so many special days such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Mother's Day and so on. Well, here is one day that deserves not only a commemoration but our total dedication - Earth Day, 22 April. At Sanctuary, we live our lives like every day is Earth Day, but we all believe that it would be, fantastic to remind our relatives, friends, neighbours, teachers, and elders on this day that protecting Mother Earth can end up making us both happy and safe.
Will you do something this Earth Day? Here's a handy list of things you can do-

(1) Cut Consumption: Consume as little as possible on Earth Day. This 'is a day·when you ca!l Refuse (to buy new things), Repair and Reuse (old stuff), Recycle (what you cannot reuse), Reject (stuff that is toxic or dangerous to the environment) and Renew (your purpose and resolve to protect the planet).

(2) Cut Energy: (a) Ditch the old incandescent bulbs and shift to CFLs or LEDs (Google both to find out more). (b) Walk or use public transport, try not to use private cars to save fuel. Carpool. Cut down on trips. Use Skype· instead of traveling for meetings. (c) Switch off unnecessary gadgets. (don't just use the remote .... walk to the mains!).

(3) Cut Waste: Start a waste segregation system in your building, school or neighbourhood. Compost organic waste, sell what you can to the raddi-wallah and give him a small token of.. appreciation also for he is protecting your world. Collect unused papers from old notebooks and make new ones from them.

(4) Cut out plastic: Speak to at least five shopkeepers in your area and tell them you and your friends will only use their shops if they move away from wasteful plastic packaging, particularly thin plastic bags.

(1) What do you understand from this extract?
(2) What steps can we take to keep our environment clean?
(3) Why should we commemorate Earth Day?
(4) What is your opinion regarding shifting to CFLs or LEDs?
(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) Earth Day deserves a commemoration and our total dedication.
(Use 'not only - but also'.)
(ii) Start a Waste Segregation System in your building.
(Rewrite it beginning with 'Let'.)
(iii) You can sell waste to the raddi-wallah and give him a
small token of appreciation.
(Replace the modal auxiliary by another showing 'obligation'.)
(6) What do the following words in the extract mean?
(i) resolve
(ii) toxic

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(1) The extract is about Earth conservation and saving it by not using man-made resources which can harm the environment and sacrificing the same on Earth Day.

(2) Our environment can be made clean by the following activities:
(i) Consume as little as possible and try to Repair, Reuse and Refuse to new things.
(ii) Replacing old bulbs with CFL’s or LED’s as well as using public transport to reduce pollution.
(iii) We can start a waster segregation system which can help to sell off the compost organic waste in the form of money.
(iv) Avoid using thin plastic bags or any other wasteful plastic packaging which can harm the environment.

(3) We live our lives like every day is Earth Day, but we all should believe the same because of the harmful effects that we as humans are contributing every day in the form of air pollution, water pollution as well as affecting flora and fauna. By commemorating Earth Day and following the environmental saving techniques of cutting consumption, saving energy, reducing waste and avoiding man-made materials of plastic.
(4) Regular bulbs release a lot of toxic chemicals in the air which makes them polluted as if such chemicals are inhaled by humans can contribute to severe mental disorders such as brain haemorrhage. Using CFLs and LEDs firstly would help in less consumption of electricity and as it doesn’t have health hazard chemicals it does not release any poisonous gaseous chemicals.
(i) Not only Earth Day deserves a commemoration but also our total dedication.
(ii) Let us start a Waste Segregation System in our building.
(iii) You must sell waste to the raddi-wallah and give him a small token of appreciation.
(i) to find a solution
(ii) dangerous / poisonous
Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
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