Read the Following Extract and Answer the Questions Given Below: - English

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One Line Answer

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below:

If you crave not for praise when you win   
And look not for sympathy while you lose 
If cheers let not your head toss or spin
And after a set-back you ofter no excuse.
You may be the person I am looking for.

If you accept counsel without getting sore
And re-assess yourself in the light thereof
If you pledge. not to be obstinate any more
And meet others without any frown or scoff.
You may be the person I am looking for.

(1) How should you behave when you are a winner and a loser?

(2) Do you agree with the poet's view about an ideal person? Justify your answer.

(3) Pick out an example of Antithesis from the extract.

(4) Pick out the words from the extract showing our stubbornness and expression of displeasure.

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(1) We should not look for praise when we win, nor should we seek sympathy when we lose.
(2) Yes, I strongly agree with his view of an ideal person. An ideal person should be able to keep a level head whether he wins or loses. He should be a person who can take responsibility for all his actions and not blame others for his mistakes and failures.
(3) If you crave not for prise when you win and look not for sympathy when you lose. ‘Win’ or ‘loss’ are contradictory words used together for poetic effect.
(4) Obstinate, frown.
Concept: Unseen Poem Comprehension
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