Read the Following Bar Graph(Fig. 23.15)And Answer the Following Questions: (I) What Information is Given by the Bar Graph? (Ii) What Was the Production of a Student in the Year 1980 - 81? - Mathematics

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Answer in Brief

Read the following bar graph(Fig. 23.15) and answer the following questions:
(i) What information is given by the bar graph?
(ii) What was the production of a student in the year 1980 - 81?
(iii) What is the minimum and maximum productions of cement and corresponding years?

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i) It gives information regarding industrial production of cement in different years in India.
(ii) The production of cement in the year 1980 – 1981 = 186 lakh tones.
(iii) The minimum production is 30 lakh tones in 1950 – 1951 and maximum production 232 lakh tones in 1982 – 1983

Concept: Graphical Representation of Data
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 23 Graphical Representation of Statistical Data
Exercise 23.1 | Q 11 | Page 12

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