Read the Foiiowing Extract and Answer the Questions Given Below : - English

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One Line Answer

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below :

  Early risers clearly have the edge in life. By the time most of us wake up, they've been through their morning rituals, enjoyed their walk, had their tea and read the daily news. They're also likely to have made long-distance calls before dawn to those similarly inclined. Thus, by the time the sun warms up they're likely to have discussed all varieties of 'men, matters, and affairs' with a dozen people.
The upshot of these varying tendencies is that such extreme contrasts often exist in the same household. Weeks pass before the younger lot (typically late risers) and the older lot (normally early birds) come face to face. It's almost as if they live in different time zones and different countries.
All over the country, things are likely to be pretty much the same in this respect, one would think. If the man of the house, any house, decides to take a day off from work, he'd probably find his son emerging from his room at about I0 a.m. and that too in a 'rubbing-eyes' mode. After fooling around for a while the lad would probably dash off to college in a rush whilst simultaneously zipping up his jeans and sending text messages on his phone. His father would undoubtedly be left shaking his head and burying himself deeper into his newspaper.

(1) What is the extract about?

(2) How do the early risers get a headstart in life?

(3) What kind of lifestyle of the young son is reflected in the extract?

(4) According to you, why do the youngsters rise up late?

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:
(i) He goes for his morning walk at 1 p.m.
(Rewrite it in the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.)
(ii) They live in different time zones.
(Make it a complex sentence.)
(iii) The man decides to take a day off from work.
(Rewrite it using the noun form of the underlined word.)

(6) Find out the words from the extract which mean:
(i) have a slight advantage over
(ii) coming out

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(1) This extract is about the merits of early rising and demerits of late wake-up. It explains the advantages of waking up early and the bad habit of the late - rising among the younger generations.
(2) Early risers have enough time for their morning rituals. They can enjoy long walks and breakfast. They have ample time to read the newspapers and make long-distance calls before the late risers wake - up.
(3) The young son’s lifestyles reflected in the extract are.
(i) He is a late riser, with no time to do anything except, get ready for college and he is always busy in his world of the cell phone. 
(4) Because of mobile phones, most youngsters spend their nights out late, chatting with friends through whatsapp, facebook messenger, etc. Having slept late at night then impossible to wake up early in the morning.
(i) He has been going for a morning walk at 1 p.m.
(ii) It is they who live in different time zones. Or
They live in time zones which are different.
(iii)  The decision to take a day off from work is made by the man. OR
The man makes the decision to take a day off from work.
(i) have a slight advantage over - have the edge
(ii) coming out - emerging.
Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
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